WordPress and lines of code

While looking at various blogging platforms I stumbled across ohloh.net's analysis of the WordPress project. As of today, excluding comments and blank lines, WordPress consists of:

  • 89,825 lines of PHP
  • 26,120 lines of JavaScript
  • 13,902 lines of CSS
  • 7,987 lines of HTML
  • 37 lines of XML

That means WordPress has a total of 137,871 lines of code.

For comparison Firefox can be broken down as follows:

  • 36,599 lines of JavaScript
  • 10,678 lines of C++
  • 8,400 lines of CSS
  • 7,463 lines of XML
  • 332 lines of HTML
  • 119 lines of Perl
  • 50 lines of C

And a few more including some python and Objective-C, coming to a total of 63,749 lines of code.

Looking at these statistics WordPress has more than double the lines of code that Firefox has. It's impossible to draw any conclusions simply by looking at this data without any context, but I still find it fascinating.