1,024 Tweets

Today marks my 1,024th tweet! That's 210 tweets for people that aren't constantly thinking in 2n.

A bit of analysis. My first tweet was on the 18th of March 2007:

Visiting my parents on Mother's Day

Since then I've made approximately 0.79 tweets per day, but I took a long break after it became obvious that I didn't know what Twitter was about, and since the 5th of April 2008 I've made about 1.08 tweets per day.

I've done some basic analysis of the language I've used.

It turns out I've used the word 'I' about 364 times and the word 'you' only about 167 times. I've said 'thanks' 42 times.

I use emoticons a lot. I've used ':)' 139 times, ':D' 94 times, ';)' 51 times, ':P' 40 times and, unfortunately, ':(' 25 times.

The proper noun that I have used the most is the word 'work' 41 times, followed by 'today', 'awesome', 'twitter' and 'nice'.

The ten people that I've mentioned the most, and the amount of times I've mentioned them are:

The first four names aren't too surprising, although I didn't realise I'd mentioned @bexor quite so much.

@mr_urf and @keavy are fairly recent additions to my timeline so I was pleasantly surprised to see them so high up on this list.

One person I expected to be in the top 10 but wasn't was @Daily_Madness. I shall have to remedy that.

Browsing through old tweets I came across some retweets that I was particularly fond of.

On Jeff Atwood and github:

@pjhyett: the more @codinghorror badmouths github the more people signup and realize he's doing open source wrong. keep it up!

On the iPad:

@mikos: When they're invented, will everyone refuse to buy a hoverboard because they don't have a camera?

On version control:

@millerdl: when your last commit message is "fuck", you know something's gone wrong...

To those of you on my timeline, thanks for making Twitter a more interesting place. See you again after 2,048 tweets! :)