Jakob Nielsen — iPad and Kindle Reading Speeds

Certainly not conclusive, but this small study surprised me in one way: users ranked the iPad and Kindle as having more satisfying reading experiences than a book.

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Amphibious robot

Part of the AQUA Robot project.

YouTube cross-site scripting vulnerability exploited

Some observers said that Justin Beiber videos were the most heavily targeted

Leafy cable ties

I like that each cable tie seems to be a different shade and translucency.

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iOS looke like IOs

While doing a search for "MacRuby iOS" it became apparent that "iOS" looks a lot like "IOs", especially to case-insensitive Google.

This is doubly unfortunate for the people of Ios.

dotje — A robot that paints pictures based on what we look at

Nils Voelker and Christien Meindertsma have built a robot which monitors people's eyes while they look at artwork, and then paints a picture based on where their eyes were.

Also the robot is made of Lego.

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Honda personal mobility prototype

Like a really uncool Segway. Yeah, you read that correctly.

Big Contrarian: Android is an asshole

David Pogue reviewed the Sprint Evo 4G.

Gruber summarised it.

Jack Shedd observes that there is a trend when reviewing Android phones:

Their flaws, always major and always awe-inspiring in their insipidness, are inevitably attributed more to the device itself than to the underlying Android operating system. There’s a sense, not just from reviewers, but from fans of the device, that what Android really needs is just killer hardware.

Which is just absolute horse shit.

Android is an asshole of an operating system.

In my own experience the only advantage that any Android device has had over the iPhone is the G1's hardware keyboard. In fact, the G1 with the original Android OS is the best Android device I have used so far.

Big Contrarian is back online

Glad to see Jack Shedd is posting again.

Thoughts so far on E3 2010

  • Portal 2 looks amazing, although the announcement itself is not surprising.
  • Steamworks on PS3 is a clever move by Valve to give them leverage on the 360. (See this Penny Arcade post).
  • The 3DS has got some favourable reviews, but I'm not sure how Nintendo are going to market the device when you can't see 3D on TV.
  • New Goldeneye was very surprising, and new Kirby and Zelda were also welcome additions.
  • 360 redesign looks nice. The cynic in me wonders if a major goal in the new design is cutting down on Red Ring Of Death.
  • The Kinect and the Move are both too similar to, and more expensive than, the Wii.
  • That said, Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Rez fame is developing a shooter for both Kinect and Move called Child of Eden. I would probably buy Kinect or Move for this game alone.