Lin Yu Chun and William Shatner sing Total Eclipse of the Heart

Who would have thought that this song could be improved by Shatner's soothing whispers?

Most Digital Photocopiers Save Every Page Ever Scanned

According to the discussion on Hacker News it's possible that in most cases it would only store the last 20,000 pages. Still shocking.

(Via Hacker News)

3DTVs use glasses in which each lens flicks on and off 60 times a second

3D glasses in cinemas tend to use polarising filters in both the projectors and the glasses to limit what the left and right eyes see. It seems like some 3DTVs will use radio waves to synchronise with the glasses so that when the image on the screen is for the left eye then the right eye in the glasses will be blacked out.

Hacker News: What code have you read recently?

I love these kinds of conversations. It's the main reason I read Hacker News. The next best thing to writing more code is reading good code.

Nakatomi space

Comparison between John McClane's actions in Die Hard and Israel's strategy during the invasion of Nablus in 2002 where they blew holes between buildings to avoid enemy detection.

Two steps to becoming a great developer

Eric Davis's advice on how to become a great developer. To summarise:

  1. Write more code
  2. Work with great developers

A good read.

How Pixar use harmonic functions to manipulate models in a realistic way

This article describes the problems Pixar face when manipulating high-resolution models and the techniques they've used to mitigate them. I didn't understand all of the maths used, but the examples are clear enough that you don't really need to.

Regular heptadecagon inscribed in a circle

An intricate method for drawing a seventeen-sided polygon using only a straight edge and a protractor. I can't imagine trying to draw this.


Museo sample

I'm a huge fan of Jos Buivenga's 'Museo'. It looks beautifully crafted at every weight and is easy to identify thanks to its odd semi-serifs.

That it features ligatures and multiple language support makes it all the more surprising that this font is free at most weights — and it explains why I have been seeing it everywhere, from high-street optician signs to album covers.

Despite its charm, the more I see it used the less I want to use it myself. Perhaps its popularity is a double-edged sword.

Every Time Zone

A brilliant visualisation of time zones by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs. Some nice features, including the way that they demonstrate whether the time in a different timezone is yesterday, today or tomorrow.

I've been refreshing the page to watch the nice animation as well.