Quitting the Internet

James Sturm, a cartoonist and graphic novelist, is quitting the Internet for 4 months and blogging about it. Every two weeks he will send a post to Slate.com and they will publish it on his behalf.

I'm a heavy Internet user and, perhaps because of that, so are most of the people I know. I think most of them have questioned whether the time that they spend on the Internet is wasted time.

I'm hoping James will find something insightful to say on the matter.

LEGO gearbox

A fully functioning gearbox made of LEGO. What's even more impressive is that it actually fits into a model LEGO car.

(Via Hacker News)

They Work For The British Phonographic Industry

The Digital Economy Act was, by all accounts, rushed through UK parliament yesterday. The act gives the government the ability to block an individual's Internet access should someone claim that they have been downloading illegal material.

In contrast to TheyWorkForYou.com the Open Rights Group have divided politicians into lists of who voted for and who voted against the act.


I just added an Atom feed to the blog. You can find it at http://paulboxley.com/blog/feed.atom. It was actually quite straightforward to add this and took about 5 commits. Thanks to the wonder of GitHub you can see for yourself!


A beautiful flash synthesizer. Making little pieces of music with this is incredibly satisfying. Sometimes, on very rare occasions, I love flash.

Sleep Is Death

Sleep Is Death is a two player game where player two tells player one a story using the game. It seems interesting. It's made by Jason Rohrer, who's responsible for some other equally interesting games.

For a limited time it's available for $9.

(via GameLife)


A beautiful video featuring pixels, referencing retro games and retro game era game company logos. It seems to have been made by One More Production, a studio in Paris. Super cool.

Scrabble Trickster

I originally read on kottke.org that Scrabble were introducing new rules that would allow proper nouns. It transpires that this is not the case:

Mattel, which owns the rights to Scrabble outside of North America, is introducing a game this summer called Scrabble Trickster. The game will include cards that allow players to spell words backward, use proper nouns, and steal letters from opponents, among other nontraditional moves.

Move along, nothing to see here.

Features that have been cut from Pixelmator

It can be a heartbreaking experience when you've spent days or weeks or months working on a feature only to discover that it is either irrelevant or unsuitable. The level of work that went into some of these unshipped features only highlights the commitment to quality that the Pixelmator team have.

Incidentally it is an amazing product!

Why is gold golden?

It's because of special relativity. An excellent and concise look at the reason why gold is the colour that it is. It also comes with this free Haiku:

Warmly glowing gold,

What gives it that autumn hue?