Xbox 360 now has USB flash storage support

There is finally a way to take your profile to a friends house. I've lost track of the number of temporary profiles friends have created on my Xbox just so that they can play a single game. Now they can just put their profile onto a flash drive and take it with them.

Asteroids Record Broken

John McAllister has broken the record for a high score in Asteroids by reaching 41,338,740 points. The previous record of 41,336,440 was set in 1982. That's a difference of just 2300 points! Amazing.

John McAllister. You are a legend.

Arkham Asylum 3D

I didn't realise that the award winning Batman, Arkham Asylum has been re-released in 3D. I've got mixed feelings about 3D in games.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Some critics have called Birdemic: Shock and Terror the worst film ever made but it is rapidly becoming a hot ticket in America.

It is the story of an invasion of lethal eagles, being celebrated for its awfulness.

  • Utterly bizarre special effects
  • Weird dialogue
  • Bad acting
  • Repeated jump cuts
  • Nonsensical plot

Why is that when a film has one or two of these I am repulsed, but when a film has all of these I am impressed?

Apple Sells Over 300,000 iPads First Day

Apple today announced that it sold over 300,000 iPads in the US as of midnight Saturday, April 3. These sales included deliveries of pre-ordered iPads to customers, deliveries to channel partners and sales at Apple Retail Stores. Apple also announced that iPad users downloaded over one million apps from Apple's App Store and over 250,000 ebooks from its iBookstore during the first day.

That's a lot of iPads. And at least one of them was blended.

WordPress and lines of code

While looking at various blogging platforms I stumbled across's analysis of the WordPress project. As of today, excluding comments and blank lines, WordPress consists of:

  • 89,825 lines of PHP
  • 26,120 lines of JavaScript
  • 13,902 lines of CSS
  • 7,987 lines of HTML
  • 37 lines of XML

That means WordPress has a total of 137,871 lines of code.

For comparison Firefox can be broken down as follows:

  • 36,599 lines of JavaScript
  • 10,678 lines of C++
  • 8,400 lines of CSS
  • 7,463 lines of XML
  • 332 lines of HTML
  • 119 lines of Perl
  • 50 lines of C

And a few more including some python and Objective-C, coming to a total of 63,749 lines of code.

Looking at these statistics WordPress has more than double the lines of code that Firefox has. It's impossible to draw any conclusions simply by looking at this data without any context, but I still find it fascinating.

The beginning

I had been toying with the idea of starting to blog again for a while, but after attending the Scottish Ruby conference last week I decided to bite the bullet and get on with it.

I've built my own simple blogging engine. I don't like reinventing the wheel but I wasn't happy with the alternatives.

This blog is file based -- each post is a markdown file. I store posts alongside the source code in git and deploy to Heroku. The code for the site is available on github.

MacBook Pro

Originally posted at on Sun, 17 Jun 2007

I'm writing this from my new MacBook Pro. Yes, I'm a consumer whore! :D

I've wanted a Mac for ages, and when I got my new job I decided to splash out. I've been waiting a couple of months for the new MacBook Pro to be released, but I'm glad I waited. It has Santa Rosa and an LED backlight, so that's sweet :P

I don't really have the hang of everything yet. Exposé is elite, and I love that you can scroll through pages using two fingers on the trackpad. Installing applications is weird; dragging an application icon to the "Applications" directory installs it, and dragging the application from the "Applications" folder to the trash can uninstalls it. I suppose it makes sense :P it's just odd!

Yesterday I installed TextMate, Ruby, Rails, Mongrel, SVN, Capistrano and MySQL following this tutorial on Mik0s gave me an introduction to Ruby on Rails last night, and that was pretty fun. To be honest I don't really know why I installed SVN and I don't know what Capistrano does yet.

Ok, I'm going to figure out what Quicksilver does. CIAO FOR NIAO!

New job and blog post

Originally posted at on Sat, 19 May 2007

Forestry Commission

I've just finished my first week at my new job working as a systems developer for the Forestry Commission. It's gone well so far! :)

Not having a job for the past few months has made life hectic and stressful at times, but things should settle down now. I've got to go on a few training courses over the next couple of months, though, which I'm really looking forward to ( PL/SQL FTW) but I'll probably have to travel for them, so that will no doubt be hectic too :)

On an unrelated note, Johnjohn and Emily got married! Lindsey and I took plenty of pictures. It was a great day and I'm really happy for them!


Originally posted at on Wed, 10 Jan 2007


It seems like everyone is talking about Apple's iPhone. Mik0s was quick as always and sent me a link yesterday, and I spent about an hour drooling over the videos.

I would attempt to say something insightful like "this is bound to change the way we use mobile phones, and even the way we use the internet" but I'm in a rush and some other people are saying similar things. Check out Dave Shea's thoughts on the subject.