Cubelets – modular robots

Cubelets Engineering Prototypes from eric schweikardt on Vimeo

The standard kit of cubelets has 20 blocks and contains an assortment of sensor, action, and operator blocks. With it, you can experiment and create mobile robots and logic constructions.

Really cool idea. I would love to buy a set of these but $300 is more than I can afford just now, plus they're out of stock and seem to only be available on request.

Thundercats – New trailer from Cartoon Network

Lindsey just sent me this link to a fascinating Thundercats trailer from Cartoon Network.

Tiny Wings

A little bird sitting in a nest surrounded by hills

I've been loving Tiny Wings lately. You control a little bird that can't fly, but who can fold in its wings to slide downhill and gain momentum, before unfurling its wings to soar through the sky.

The game looks beautiful and backgrounds are procedurally generated so that it looks different every day.

It's a lot of fun and it's only 59p/99¢!

9-eyes – curated pictures from Google Streetview

A butterfly dancing across the road in front of the Google Streetview car

Subway map

Beautiful 'music' produced by mapping sounds to the New York City subway map and journey times.

Langton's ant in Canvas

Langton's ant in action

A variant on Langton's ant with some added features. What's nice is that you can encode an algorithm and then send it to people via a URL. Nice idea!


I didn't post anything in February. Weird.

Placekitten — Placeholder images of kittens

A cute kittenA cute kitten

In the spirit of, Mark James has created placekitten, a service that provides pictures of kittens that you can use as placeholder images when designing websites.

But that's not the only use for this service. Lee Semel has created a jQuery plugin, jquery-placekitten to replace all images on the current page with images from placekitten, and Hacker News user sisk created this bookmarklet that you can paste into your URL bar and will replace all images on the current page.

javascript:(function(){var a=document.getElementsByTagName('img'),i=a.length;while(b=a[--i]){b.setAttribute('src',''+b.width+'/'+b.height);}})();

I love you, Internets.

Olly Moss redesigns original Star Wars posters

Olly Moss' redesigned Star Wars posters

Clever designs. I had never noticed the similarity between the shape of Cloud City and the gap in Boba Fett's visor.

Sevilla 111 – A 111 Gigapixel image

Ultra-high-resolution image of Seville. Because you can't have too many pixels, right?