Okami sequel for DS is super cute


Impromptu dance party

I saw this video a while ago on Giles Bowkett's blog and forgot about until he mentioned it again recently.

Bamboo iPhone cases

Grovemade iPhone cases

Loving these bamboo iPhone cases from Grovemade.

"Not Pro-Gay Marriage, I’m Pro-Equality" – Derek Powazek

I’m not Pro-Gay Marriage, I’m Pro-Equality. I’m not Pro-Gay Rights, I’m Pro-Common Sense. I’m Anti-Discrimination. I’m Anti-Enshrining Your Queasiness About Buttsex In My Constitution. I’m Pro-When The Constitution Says We’re All Equal, It Means We’re All Equal.

Encapsulation in JavaScript

On the subject of JavaScript, I've become very fond of the following technique for creating objects with encapsulated properties:

var object = function(val) {
  return {
    getVal = function() {
      return val;
    setVal = function(newVal) {
      val = newVal;
}("My initial value.");

HTML5 Helicopter

I've been playing with JavaScript and <canvas> a lot lately, so I was pleased to see this HTML5 helicopter by Dale Harvey. My record so far is 423 metres.

The code is available on GitHub and is very clean.

Perhaps best of all, Dale Harvey is based in Edinburgh.

Google Wave is no more

Google Wave logo

Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked.

Could there have been any other outcome? Wave was an interesting demo, making use of clever technology, but it wasn't a product.

Robins can see magnetic fields

It's fairly well known that birds use magnetic fields to navigate, but recent research has shown that it is linked to the chemical cryptochrome which is present in birds' retinas.

When cryptochrome is struck by blue light, it shifts into an active state where it has an unpaired electron — these particles normally waltz in pairs but here, they dance solo. The same thing happens in a companion molecule called FAD. Together, cryptochrome and FAD, both with unpaired electrons, are known as a “radical pair”. Magnetic fields act upon the unpaired electrons and govern how long it takes for the radical pair to revert back to their normal, inactive state. And because cryptochrome affects the sensitivity of a bird’s retina, so do magnetic fields.

The Pirate Party will host The Pirate Bay inside the Swedish parliament

Sweden's Pirate Party, the political party promoting reforms to copyright, want to make use of "parliamentary immunity" to protect The Pirate Bay from prosecution.

The Swedish Constitution is often ignored, but it contains an interesting detail. It says that MPs can not be sued or prosecuted for something that is done as part of their political mandate.

In practice, this implies total immunity for any political action taken within this working environment. Some of the Pirate Party's prospective MPs intend to use this to host the entire Pirate Bay from inside the parliament, if today's operators of the site accept this and if we win a place in parliament in the Swedish elections on September 19.

(Via Ars Technica)

Solar powered night flight takes off

The Solar Impulse project, which aims to build a manned solar powered plane that will circumnavigate the globe in less than four weeks, have completed their first night flight test.

The HB-SIA flew throughout the day, charging its batteries before operating at night.

Pretty amazing that solar and battery technology have advanced to the point where this is possible.